17+ Creative Window Treatment Ideas Add Drama to a Room

clever window treatment ideas

The right window treatment idea can bring the best of your interior. Unfortunately, some homeowners don’t care much about their window treatment. They have blinds or curtains simply because they want to have more privacy. As a matter of fact, window treatments can make your interior looks cool and more attractive.

Here are some window treatment ideas that will make your interior looks better.

Rustic Sliding Barn Door Window

Barn Door Window


This rustic sliding barn door window is very unusual. The rustic look of this window treatment looks great on rooms with rustic decoration. However, it is also suitable for other rooms that have no rustic look at all. In those rooms, this window treatment will become the focal point.

Kitchen Window Treatment Idea

Windows Treatment Ideas


If you want to make your kitchen window looks more attractive, you can consider this window treatment idea. It is elegant and cool at the same time because it combines elegant high curtain and cool message at the top. However, you can be creative and choose another message to put on the top of your window.

DIY Barn Door Window Treatment

Door Window Treatment


This DIY barn door window treatment is similar to the previous idea. However, it lacks a rustic look. Therefore, it is suitable for any interior styles. For a more eye-catching look, you can paint it in bolder color.

Custom Shades

Window treatment Ideas


This custom shade is very functional. It can add more privacy in your home. Moreover, it is pretty unique because of its unusual color. This bay window treatment idea looks great on almost every room.

Unique Large Windows

Large Windows


Having large windows can add beauty in your interior. Therefore, you don’t need to have too intricate window treatments. This unique and minimalist window treatment looks interesting enough. In addition, it will add more elegance in your interior.

Window with Valence Curtain

Valence Curtains


This window treatment idea looks elegant. It is thanks to the gray valence curtain. Adding a valence curtain on your window can bring a lot difference to your interior.

Gray Roman Shades

window treatment idea


The gray roman shade in this room matches the whole interior very well. Its gray color and elegant pattern offers beauty and elegance to this modern style interior. Moreover, it is also very functional.

Fabric Linens and Blinds

window treatment ideas


If you want to make your window more eye-catching, you can combine fabric linens and blinds at the same time. This window treatment idea will look great if you choose the right color for the blinds and curtains. For the best result, you had better chose two colors that complement each other. Moreover, those colors must match your interior color.

Traditional Window Treatment

 Window Treatments


This traditional window treatment is one of the best window treatment ideas. It is perfect for classic interior, modern interior, and contemporary interior. For classic interior, you need curtains in softer colors. Moreover, for modern or contemporary interior, you can choose one in bold colors.

In addition, you can combine different curtain colors for a window.

Windows Treatment for Living Room

Windows Treatment


If you are looking for window treatment idea for your living room, you may consider this window treatment. To create it, you need to combine roman shades and drapery panels. This window treatment is pretty simple. However, it looks elegant and luxurious, especially if the interior has neutral color, e.g. white, gray, and cream.

Shabby Chic Window Treatment

Chic Window Treatment


This shabby chic window treatment has a gorgeous look, especially at night. Having this window treatment in your kitchen will give more character in it. However, it is not only good for kitchens. You can also apply this window treatment on other rooms. Moreover, it is best applied in a classic interior.

DIY Asymmetric Curtains

Asymmetric Curtains


This window treatment idea is pretty simple and ordinary. However, its unique arrangement no longer makes it look ordinary. This arrangement transformed the curtains into elegant ones. Moreover, arranging this DIY window treatment is not difficult. Therefore, you can do it on your own.

Monochrome Minimalist

Monochrome Minimalist


This monochrome minimalist window treatment is perfect for modern houses. It is very functional and elegant at the same time. To make the room looks more attractive, you can add a bold color decoration in it. Therefore, you will get great contrast colors between the monochrome curtains and the bold decoration.

There are other window treatment ideas that you can choose. However, all of the ideas above are the best ones. If you don’t have much time to add a window treatment on your window, you must avoid the DIY ones.


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