13+ Beautiful Window Box Ideas that Will Make Your Window More Stylish

window box ideas

There are many things you can do to make your exterior looks gorgeous. One of them is having a window box on every window you have. You can plant various flower plants in it. And when they are blooming, your exterior will look enchanting.

If you need some inspirations on how to create beautiful window box, you can take a look at these window box ideas.

1. Shaded Beauties

Shaded Beauties


This window box looks impressive with its pink and purple flowers. This shaded beauty is perfect for you who want to be a bit bold about your window box. In addition, it is perfect for houses with white exterior. Therefore, the bold colored flowers will look well contrasted with the white wall.

2. Gorgeous Floral

Gorgeous Floral


This window box is very colorful. There are blue, purple, yellow, and pink gorgeous flowers in it. With this window box idea, your exterior will surely look enchanting. It goes well with white or cream exterior.

3. Window Box with a Sitting Area

Window Box Planting


To make your exterior looks more gorgeous, you can combine colorful window boxes with beautiful outdoor sitting furniture. The white sitting furniture in front of this window box and the gorgeous centerpiece are impressive. Sitting in that rocking chair and being surrounded by beautiful flowers will surely boost your mood.

4. Plants and Pots

Plants and Pots


To make your windows look more interesting, you can opt for the plants and pots idea. This window box idea is a bit unusual. However, it is unique and eye-catching. Most importantly, it is easier to clean than the common window box.

5. Mini Garden

Mini Garden


This window box idea is gorgeous and enchanting. If you have this window box, you will feel as if you are in a mini garden when opening your windows. Those bold colored flowers add a strong character to your exterior.

6. Window Box Ideas for Summer

Window Box Ideas


If you want to have a more beautiful summer, you need to consider this summer window box idea. With those beautiful flowers, your exterior will look impressive. However, you need to prepare it timely so that the plants in this window box bloom in the summer.

7. Low Window Box Idea

Window Box Ideas


This low window box idea looks rustic and unique. This window box may not have flowers in it. But, it looks interesting because the leaves of the plants have unique colors. It is great for you who prefer herbs on your window box.

8. Full Sun Window Box Idea

 Window Box Ideas


For sun facing windows, you can choose this full sun window box idea. It has plants that need a lot of sun exposure. This window box has a rustic and different look. Therefore, your exterior will be more attractive.

9. Invisible Box Design

Box Design


This window box looks pretty interesting. The homeowner let the flowers and ferns in this box grow wild. If you have this window box, you will not need to trim it regularly. Therefore, it is good for you who have not much time for gardening.

10. Fall Themed Window Planter Box

Window Planter Box


This fall themed window planter box will look perfect in fall. It combines fresh plants and dried plants. Therefore, you will get a beautiful window box that looks like a garden in the fall. Actually, you can have this window box idea anytime of the year. It doesn’t need to be in fall to have it.

11. Bay Window Box

Box Bay Window


If you have a bay window, you can consider this bay window box idea. This window box transforms the unattractive exterior into a beautiful one. The bold colored flowers looks great combined with the blue and white exterior.

12. Window Box Christmas Idea

Window Box Christmas


When Christmas is coming, you must not forget to have this window box Christmas idea. The combination of red box and green leaves is totally perfect for this festive season. To make your window box looks more interesting, you can decorate the plants in it with jingle bells, ribbons, and pine cones.

13. Window Box Idea for Christmas

Window Box Ideas


This window box idea for Christmas is actually can be applied in anytime of the year. This Christmas window box will not only make your exterior looks interesting. But, it will also make your house looks warm and welcoming.

All of those window box ideas can transform a boring exterior into an enchanting one. However, to achieve this beauty, you need to take care of the plants in this box properly. If you are a beginner in gardening, you had better to plant easy to maintain plants as a start.


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