13+ Cheap and Easy Privacy Fence Ideas for Your Front Yard or Backyard

privacy fence ideas

Do you think that your backyard or front yard doesn’t have enough privacy? If you do, you need to consider adding a privacy fence. A fence is the outermost part of your house.

Therefore, you must make sure that it can protect your privacy and looks great at the same time. Here are some privacy fence ideas that will give you an impressive and functional fence.

1. Horizontal Fence Planks

Fence Planks


Most homeowners have vertical fence planks. But, if you want to have a bit unusual fence, you can opt for this horizontal fence planks. This fence is pretty simple. But, it is very functional. To make it more attractive, you can paint it in your favorite color.

2. Metal Panel Privacy Fence Ideas

Privacy Fence Ideas


This metal panel privacy fence is perfect for you who want ultimate privacy at your backyard or front yard. This fence is very functional and strong. However, it is very simple. Therefore, it will look great surrounding a modern or minimalist house.

3. Wisteria Trellis

Wisteria Trellis


If you want a beautiful privacy fence, you can consider this wisteria trellis. The original fence gives medium level of privacy. However, the wisteria tree adds more privacy in your backyard. When it is flowering, your fence will look enchanting. But, to see this beauty, you need to wait for about five years since planting it.

4. Pallet Fence

Pallet Fence


This multifunction fence is perfect for you who love gardening. With this pallet fence you can have more privacy in your garden. In addition, you can also use it to plant your favorite plants on it. When they are flowering, you will have a beautiful fence.

5. Natural Fence

Natural Plants


This natural fence is also perfect for you who like gardening. This fence is totally made of plants. With this kind of fence, you will not only gain privacy and beauty. But, you will also get fresher air at home. However, you may need more time and energy to maintain this eco-friendly fence.

6. Temporary Privacy Fence Screen

Privacy fence Screen


This temporary privacy fence screen provides you with enough privacy. It looks unusual and interesting. If you have this kind of fence, others will remember your exterior easily. Therefore, they will be able to locate your house easily.

7. Hardieboard Backyard

Hardieboard Backyard


This hardieboard backyard fence offers you with total privacy. It is perfect for you who have a swimming pool in the backyard. With this fence, you can play in the pool freely.

8. Vertical Timber Fence

Timber Fence


The design of this vertical timber fence looks clean, minimalist, and modern. However, it may not offer enough privacy for some homeowners. This privacy fence idea is perfect for you don’t need a lot of privacy in your front yard or backyard. It is also suitable for you who have modern and minimalist house.

9. Brick and Metal

Brick and Metal


The combination of brick and metal in this privacy fence idea is pretty interesting. This fence offers a lot of privacy. However, it still allows the homeowners to get a glimpse of the area out of their house. This particular fence is perfect for you who need privacy, but don’t want to feel too isolated.

10. Colored Chain Linked Fence

Chain Linked Fence


This colored chain linked fence will make you feel more secured when you are at home. It is strong and tall so that intruders have small chances to get in your backyard. However, this fence may not give you much privacy because others can see what you do in the backyard. This particular fence looks great for most houses since it has universal style.

11. Vinyl Privacy Fence Panels

Vinyl Fence Panels


This vinyl privacy fence panels are one of the best privacy fence solutions. It offers excellent privacy. Moreover, it is strong and affordable. Therefore, you will get many advantages from this particular fence. One of the best things about this vinyl fence is that it looks attractive.

12. Bamboo Privacy Fence Idea

 Privacy Fence Ideas


This bamboo privacy fence looks unique. It provides you with enough privacy. However, its strength decreases when it is exposed to sun and rain. But, if it is well polished and maintained regularly, it can last up to 20 years.

13. Backyard Wooden Fence

 Wooden Fence


This backyard wooden face is perfect for you who want a rustic look in your backyard. It is unusual and interesting. Moreover, it is also strong and provides good privacy for you.

You may feel a bit overwhelmed when choosing one of the privacy fence ideas above. To solve this problem, you need to consider several things. Some of them are its durability, strength, design, and price.


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