12+ Awesome DIY Outdoor Privacy Screen Ideas with Picture

outdoor privacy screen ideas

Using a screen is the best way to have some privacy while doing outdoor activities. The usual screen people use is the traditional sunshade made of bamboo. Since DIY projects are in trend these days, why don’t you do the screen yourself?

More than 12 references of DIY outdoor privacy screen will be listed in this article, with the picture for each point. You’ll need some requirements to do this and a little bit of creativity, certainly. Well, without further ado, here is the list.

1. Outdoor Metal Screen

Privacy Metal Screen


With this metal outdoor screen, your job of entertaining guests would never be the same anymore. Apart from an outdoor event area, you automatically get a background at the same time.

Weld a number of metal boxes onto the screen and you have a vertical garden. All of this is supported by a fire pit in the center of the area which made of a recycled metal bucket.

2. Curtains Privacy Screen

Outdoor Privacy Screen


Your screen idea number two is easier than the previous one. You’ll only need to prepare two sets of curtains which both in exactly the same color. Hanging them in the porch and you’ll get extra space. The benefit of using curtains as an outdoor screen is its flexibility to open and shut anytime you with ease.

3. Large Pots and Plants as an outdoor Screen

Pots and Plants


This might be lack privacy, but you get to make use of things that already there. This living screen also provides all the fresh air you need and thus guarantee a cool atmosphere. Trees are more preferable to plant because they’re the most suitable in large planters.

4. Sliding Panels Privacy Screen

privacy Sliding Panels


These colorful screens separate two different areas interestingly. You could access the other space by sliding any panels. This also works efficiently in blocking any excessive sunlight without disturbing other people in case they don’t want their side to be closed.

5. Vertical Garden as an outdoor Screen

Vertical Garden Ideas


Now you have a much more affordable and less fuss trick to extend the house you’re living thanks to this idea. Using a vertical garden as an outdoor screen as shown by the image will benefit you in creating an extra dining room.

Imagine having a banquet surrounded by nature like this with all family members. Appetite increased by a hundred percent, guaranteed.

6. Privacy Wall with Fence Panels

privacy fence panels


The initial plan for building this fence panels is for bordering the house and alternating the usual gates. However, you could easily change its function as an outdoor screen whenever you see fit. You’re going to need a lot of effort in building this. Make sure an expert is around.

7. Steel Backyard Fence

Backyard Fence Ideas


The crafters of this steel fence project wanted to make an accent wall for their backyard initially. Even so, you could always innovate even with someone’s creation, right? By adapting on how it’s done, you could get this fence doubled as an outdoor screen as well. The silver color would absolutely add depth to your backyard.

8. Slat Screen

Slat Screen privacy


By looking at how neat and professional this slat screen is now, it’s only natural to believe that its making process lasted for days, because it did! Plus, some experts were involved, too. The result is surely outstanding.

It blocks the excessive heat of sunlight yet still has the ability to ventilate, making the terrace it shades to be a perfect place for having afternoon tea.

9. Green Privacy Screen for Balcony

Screen Green Privacy


You already have several examples of living screen previously and this one adds up the list. While the first sample uses large pots and the second uses the vertical garden, this current sample uses built-in deck planters to screen a balcony. Their height is very suitable for tall plants like weeds.

10. Beautiful Planter with Trellis

Beautiful Planter using trellis


These black and white units of planters are really beautiful to see screening your backyard. They’re just fit the image of outdoor with colorful blooms from a lot of plant types. And with casters installed, you could remove them easily anywhere you desire.

11. Evergreens Privacy Wall

Evergreens screen


As much as you want to have evergreens prettify your yard landscape, they could double as living walls that stand bordering between two lawns. It is to privatize that this area is yours and that side is your neighbor’s.

12. Old Shutters Privacy Screen

Old Shutters screen


The idea is to repurpose some old unused kinds of stuff because it’s low budget and efficient. If you don’t have old shutters, don’t worry, not every household has them. Just go to the flea market, then. On the way back home, pick up also a plant stand or two to complete the set later.

13. Tree Branches Privacy Screen

Tree Branches


Nothing beats the true beauty of nature even if it’s not in its real habitat. As seen in the picture, tree branches are used to build an outdoor screen. The making steps are pretty easy as long as you have carpenter basic skill.

There you have them; all 13 outdoor privacy screen ideas that vary from the simplest to the one needed effort the most. However, all of them aim the same goal. Thank you for reading and have a nice day!


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