12+ Stunning Modern Driveway Ideas and Layouts

modern driveway ideas

People nowadays pay a lot of attention to designing their driveway. It is no wonder because a nice designed driveway could increase your mood to be welcomed home after a long day outside.

There are plenty of modern driveway ideas which you could refer to. Twelve most stunning out of them will be presented in this article for you. The list is as follows.

1. Modern Premium Brick Circular Driveway

Modern Premium Brick


The mobilization problem of a high-end house with one-way access in and out could only be solved by building a circular driveway. Some are built with breathtaking view surround them like one being showcased in the image above.

In the center of this driveway with pavers is a water fountain adding some bonus point aesthetically. Natural green mat spread all over the place lets the viewers say nothing but ‘wow’.

2. Crushed Rock Driveway

Crushed Rock Driveway


This driveway is built with crushed rocks; we know them as gravels. It functions well on rainy days for its rough surface prevents vehicles from possible slipping. Another benefit is you couldn’t see any puddle formed after the rain.

Maintaining gravel driveway is also easy. Unlike asphalt which could sunken from holding too much weight, such a problem is out of the question with gravels. You only have to ‘renew’ a layer of crushed rocks once every seven to ten years.

3. Contemporary Stone Driveway

Contemporary Stone Driveway


The problem with a sloped driveway is that it potentially loses the vehicles parked above it because of gravity. But it’ll be solved once the surface is layered with something rough like a stone. Rough surface creates friction when rubbed against car tires. It practically keeps the vehicles to stand still.

4. Modern Driveway Paver

Modern Driveway Paver


Pavers are the most popular to use above driveways. They work well with various materials and could be designed in a lot of sorts. Pavers are also suitable with almost any house style. They are just the safest bet.

5. Concrete Circular Driveway

Concrete Circular Driveway


This is another example of the circular driveway with a water fountain as the focal point. The only difference from the previous sample is on the material used.

While the former uses bricks, this driveway uses concrete. Between the two materials, the one is not better than the other. Rather, they hold the same wonder to build an extravagant driveway for a high-end living place.

6. Modern Patterned Driveway

Modern Patterned Driveway


Sometimes, the problem in constructing a driveway is not in what type of materials to build, but conversely in what design or pattern to be specific. This driveway here is made of concrete and has geometric designs to complement the modern architecture of the house.

The thing with concrete which makes it preferable is its affordable price. Concrete’s surface is also durable. It could last more than 50 years if installed and cared well. Concrete is known for its robustness also on top of everything.

7. Asphalt and Concrete Driveway

Asphalt and Concrete Driveway


Asphalt is one popular material to build a road. It lacks in durability, but then again every material has its own advantages and disadvantages. To minimize the unwanted occurrence, you better combine it with other material like concrete.

8. Sleek and Open Driveway

Sleek and Open Driveway


If possible, do not install any gate for characters that could differentiate modern driveways from any other style are broadness and openness. The two traits establish a luxurious look and function really well if applied in limited space.

9. Fresh Designed Driveway

Fresh Designed driveway


Driveways with stone pavers have made themselves clear that they’re appealing. The said visual appeal is even on a different level than those of concrete driveways. This one is freshly designed with irregular pattern stone pavers which unexpectedly go along really well with the stoned fence wall at the side.

10. Raw, Natural Look Driveway

Raw, Natural Look Driveway


Another upside from gravel driveways is they make a raw, natural look. It’s great to prettily contrast houses with a modern concept. In the image, you even see tall green trees supporting the view as a natural backdrop.

11. Travertine Driveway Paver

Travertine Driveway


Only travertine tones could complete the image of a grand and magnificent living place such as this villa over here, moreover with such exterior warm color as seen above. The full-scale appearance spells harmony perfectly.

To upgrade the curb appeal of your house, travertine pavers do way more than any other materials. They are also durable and so strong that handling vehicles weight without any damage whatsoever is such an easy job.

12. Modern and Simple Driveway

Modern and Simple Driveway


Contemporary is usually defined by sophisticated features, but that’s not the case with this modern driveway. Simplicity takes the job this time. No colors required other than black, white, and grey for the exterior. And they’re more than enough!

Now, what do you think about those modern driveway ideas? Having one, of course, requires a lot of effort, but the result is always worth it, nevertheless. Plan the material and design thoroughly so that it is suitable to the surrounding and the style of the house since a driveway is the extended open area of your residence.


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