13+ Creative House Number Ideas to Improve Curb Appeal

best house number ideas

The house number is a part of the identity of your house. It allows others to locate your address easier. That’s why it is important to have an easy to read house number. Aside from that, a house number can be used to decorate your exterior. The interesting one will make your exterior looks more attractive.

You can choose one of these house number ideas to make your exterior more eye-catching.

1. Simple Wooden



This simple wooden house number will look great on any exterior styles and designs. Its simplicity can balance a minimalist exterior on modern styled houses. In addition, this simple house number will give a nice contrast to an exterior that has many decorations.

2. ‘Direct and to the Point’

house number ideas


This ‘direct and to the point’ house number is pretty simple. However, it looks more eye-catching because the numbers are arranged vertically. This house number idea looks great for most exterior styles.

3. Hanging Pallet Fish

Pallet Fish


The hanging pallet fish idea is very unique. You can make it on your own if you want to. This house number idea is perfect for a house with rustic style. It is also good for a house that is located near a beach or a river. For a more eye-catching look, you can paint the pallet fish in a bolder color.

4. Navy Blue

house number ideas


This navy blue house number idea is very interesting. It is big and very easy to read. Moreover, the combination of the navy blue background and the metal numbers make it looks very elegant.

5. Post Plant with a Planter

Post Plant


This is one of the most creative house number ideas. If you have a post plant with a planter near your house entrance, you can transform it into a house number like this. You only need to paint your post plant and write the numbers of your house on it. If you have it, you must make sure that it is visible from the outside.

6. Simplistic Beauty

Simplistic Beauty


This simplistic beauty house number is very easy to read. This house number idea is perfect for modern and minimalist exterior. If you plan to have it, you must make sure that the color of the house number is similar to your front door. Moreover, you must also have much lighter background for it.

7. Address Numbers Post Planter

Post Planter


This is another address numbers post planter idea. It is slightly different from the first one. One of the differences is that it has white numbers. Moreover, it is also located on the lawn. Therefore, it is easier to read and more visible from afar.

8. Planter House Number

Planter House Number


This planter house number idea is very chic and rustic. It is perfect for a country house, a classic house, and rustic house. The size of this house number allows other people to notice your address number easily. In addition, it can be placed on eye level height so that others can directly notice your address numbers.

9. Hanging from a Lamp

House number ideas


This house number looks very unique and eye-catching because it is hanging from a lamp. It looks a bit rustic because of the weathered wood used for writing the address numbers. This house number idea will goes well with mot all exterior styles.

10. Ceramic or Terracotta Mosaic

Ceramic or Terracotta


This ceramic or terracotta mosaic creates a beautiful and extraordinary house number. With this house number, everyone will be impressed when coming to your home, especially at the first time. This particular house number goes well with most exteriors.

11. Modern House Numbers

House Numbers


This modern house number idea is minimalist and functional. It has big size numbers. Moreover, it creates excellent contrast with the background. Therefore, it offers great visibility. This modern house number is perfect for houses in modern style or contemporary style.

12. Nautical Wood House Number

House Number Wood


This nautical wood house number is very unique. It is perfect for you who have nautical interior decorations. However, if you want to have house number with better visibility, you need bigger boat’s wheel. Moreover, you also need to place it on higher place.

13. Flowery House Number

 House Number


This flowery house number is pretty interesting. It has a touch of rustic element because of its weathered board. However, it doesn’t minimize its beauty. To make it looks interesting every day, you need to change the flower periodically.

You must replace it with flowers in different color if you want to make it far from boring.
Those house number ideas are attractive.

They will surely make your front porch or exterior more impressive. However, you must make sure that your new house number is visible and easy to read.


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