7+ Most Popular DIY Entertainment Center Design Ideas For Living Room

diy entertainment center

DIY projects leave you with nearly unlimited options to choose from since the design is all up to your liking. A similar theory applies to entertainment centers, especially for living rooms.

There are seven design ideas of the DIY entertainment center in this article. We pick all seven based on their popularity nowadays. Enjoy the list below!

1. DIY Wall-Mounted Home Entertainment Center

Wall-Mounted entertainment


To create wider space in your limited living room, ‘planting’ the entertainment center onto the wall might be a genius idea. The one in the picture says it all. By installing the shelves and television the way they are, you have more space around the living area. This idea would work perfectly in homes with a lot of family members.

However, pay attention to the details. The shelves consist of two single shelves that built and installed separately. It must fit the wall height precisely without flaw. Mount the television onto the wall between the two shelves. And for completion, arrange some lighting fixture inside the shelves to highlight the items on display.

2. DIY Cozy Home Entertainment Center

Cozy Home entertainment


You wouldn’t disagree with the idea of arranging layers of soft and cushiony seating in a cozy entertainment center if it’s as comfortable as seen in the picture, would you? Such a pleasant arrangement would divert your attention from the fact that the room seems small because of the low ceiling, also.

Furthermore, the installation of sliding doors instead of the usual ones helps you create even bigger space. It is because the usual ones take more space when they’re opened while sliding doors don’t.

And, take note, too, to the color selections. They hold a big role since the whole room is affected by them. Neutral tones are your best bet for limited room space.

3. DIY Traditional Home Entertainment Center

Traditional Home entertainment


To present traditional vibe in your entertainment center, you could see how things are arranged in the picture above. The living area is filled with a piece of floor-to-ceiling furniture in a mix of white, brown, and blue color selection. It’s great to create a focal point and show the details of traditional style.

4. DIY Classic Home Entertainment Center

Classic Home entertainment


Go for a wooden piece of furniture if you want to consider a classic design for your entertainment center, moreover if the amount of space is not an issue here.

The wooden units show a different scale of elegance in a spacious living room. Place other furnishings that support and complement the classic look as exemplified by the room as seen in the picture.

5. DIY Industrial Home Entertainment Center

Industrial Home entertainmnet


Now, this is what we literally call as do the entertainment center yourself. How come it’s not when no prebuilt furniture is used here? This unique design uses white bricks and pieces of planks to build a pyramid-shaped TV stand as the main focus of the room.

The great benefit of the idea is you could remove and rebuilt it freely anytime into any design you desire. Since each and every element doesn’t attach or stick to each other, you could challenge your creativity on this one. However, it’s better to stay in front of the bare wall to keep the industrial concept alive.

6. DIY Modern Minimalist Home Entertainment Center

modern minimalist


There are a lot of ideas to show the modern side of your entertainment center. By any means, one of the ideas is to install a floating TV stand under the wall-mounted television.

But to make it different from any other modern design, attach ‘minimalist’ also by keeping everything simple. Do not set any wall decoration apart from a single portrait near the center. It is of course not suitable for big houses with the spacious living room since it would feel empty all over the area. But it creates wonder in limited space.

7. DIY Entertainment Center Ideas with Bookshelves

Entertainment Center Ideas


If you are a bookworm and treasure your book collection wholeheartedly, then consider making them a focal point in the entertainment center with bookshelves. It could be a way of showing your entire guest about the true personality of yours, absolutely. Mix the built-ins and the floating units to make it attractive even to the book antis.

But, do you see what is interesting in the picture? Though the center position is taken by the TV unit, it looked really small surrounded by the books. It is as if the TV only embellishes the books, now.

You see what it means by unlimited options mentioned in the very first paragraph regarding DIY entertainment center matter, don’t you? Smile, it is what you think it is.

You could design, set, or place any furniture piece you prefer based on which style you tend to. Besides, a DIY thing is always cheaper and more fun in any way it means! Happy DIY-ing your entertainment area!


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